The work, named after Gustav Mahler 9th Symphony. It consists of photographic documentation of 208 different rocks on the 37 km coastline where the artist made his works. The artist, who finds the actual kg by measuring the height and circumference of the
rocks, writes these numbers on the rocks using temporary paints, respectively. With this action, he tries to create a new language of communication between man and nature and focuses the attention of man on nature. Located in the eastern Black Sea region of Türkiye,
the area where the works are carried out is the last natural area on the coastline from Türkiye to Georgia. The entire coastline that was filled to make way for the past 20 years with the wrong environmental policies has disappeared. The artist who recorded the last
remaining natural rocks in this region. With this work, he tries to explain to humanity the fear of life and death, loneliness and doubt, and the difficulty of not being able to perceive nature, which he deals with in Mahler's symphony titled Song of the Earth, with his interventions on Aydın rocks. The construction of the study took 2 months in total. While performing the work, the artist worked 11 hours a day in the sea with waterproof fishing clothing and equipment and lost 6 kg.


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