Here created by nature organic tissue interpret colorizing with an artistic standpoint beauty within nature , not to be a place were studied in a draw attention to the perfect red spectacular nature will never ever, the goal is to establish a dialogue between nature and the shape of human beings created by human and create a focal point in nature .I shall We are also based on the movement of people wandered around in this study we have witnessed changesofspaceperception.Here create the perfect eye-catching red line targeted human beings, is to achieve a form - space relationship and capture formal analysis based on this relationship. This work follows in the revelation of the spiritual, the following thought to exist in the face of the building , a scraped surface depth view of the universe , the depth of existence is based on a lie. This line also interfere with subsequent spread through the space separating the two-dimensional surface, color and light has been studied to include the metaphysical space in the true sense.Because it does not damage the nature and while time goes on sea and air can destroy the work and the dot may return the previous status.If the work return the previous status, just an idea remains in the viewers brain. This lead us to think in the infintive circle of nature nothing is powerfull then the nature and effective.
The Red Line,  Land Art, Water based paint on rocks, 2000X113x90 cm, Yason Coast, Ordu, Turkey, 2012
The Green Intervention, Land Art Project, Water based paint on rocks, 180x260x125cm Yason Coast, Ordu, Turkey, 2010


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