Throughout history, domes—the components of buildings pointing to the sky—have been identified as the source of spirituality and able to deliver the images, narratives, and messages of the skies. In this work, two large-sized satellite dishes whirling around their axes stand level with the audience and, with their controlled rotation, get in a loop akin to the movement of the planet, the sun, and the moon, formation of months and years. One of the dishes of these two technical systems holds the ornaments and the Arabic calligraphy of the dome of Hagia Sophia. The other one carries the dome of parecclesion of Chora Monastery depicting the Virgin and Child and the angels. The forms and the ornaments of these small representations of the vault of heaven have been adapted to the antenna systems used to communicate, observe, and receive signals. The micro vaults of heaven are placed next to people instead of above. They unite with the sky in the open air. This work directs people’s gaze to outer space, the unknown, and the infinitude of imagination and reflects hope about the future.


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