In this work, an animal skeleton built from replicas of a human skeleton is placed on a pedestal similar to shipping crates. An embodiment of a post-apocalyptic narrative related to our specimen’s place and future on this planet, the work questions who will be the first to be disfavored in the age of destruction where global warming happens, habitats are annihilated, ecological diversity declines, sudden and inescapable disasters are all around. The fact that Homo sapiens has destroyed nature and led numerous animal species to extinction from the very first day of its existence places an essential question at the center of the emergence of this work: “What is the place of humankind on this planet?” Taking this creature who thinks he dominates everything as his subject, the work indicates that human beings are a natural part and a building block of nature. What results from dismantling human skeletons that hold them erect and transforming them into animal skeletons is a hybrid animal form that could exist before Homo sapiens or is likely to come into existence through the evolution of the human body. The work stands before us as a description of transience, emergence, and transformation.


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