Installation on Earth, Poplar Tree , Steel and Rope 147X138X36 cm.
"Noah" is not a ship at the sea, flies with the wind roses on the air are presented in a position. The attempt here; is accustomed to being moved to a different plane. Attendance is open air at work that invites a kind of spiritual journey and explore the immensity of wind roses each in red, and the pentacle , cause life is the use of red and death is to symbolise, the cause of the pentacle is due to the anatomical structure of the human head, arms and legs. Wind roses regular constructionist building work in itself life and past consisting of symbolises the layout created by the people who come , since how we are on as a move to live against people when the wind roses in the wind, that is, in a resistance and move towards life. And this movement, the ship is moving forward. That is the reality of life is the theme of this work existence


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