This installation was created by placing a Turkish carpet over a field of grass, depriving the grass of light, forcing the grass to wilt and creating an illusion that serves as a continuation of the carpet itself. Far from a simple visual piece, this installation refers to the effect  of cultural elements as they change over the years and seep into the time and space. The installation doubles as a natural study in the Northern Anatolia, and creates a heavy association between culture and nature in the viewer's mind. This was an experiment in seeing if a location could be altered without adding or subtracting any materials to what there is. It was done by placing a large square tarp over a green grass field for a week, depriving the grass underneath of sunlight. Again, the objective was to attract attention to the field itself with a man-made geometrical form. The best part is, a few days after the removal of the tarp, the grass recovered, and the form vanished completely. This reflects the parallels between the human life and nature art.


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