Acclaimed Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch depicted heaven on the left panel of the triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, painted circa 1490–1500. In this composition, every figure is around the small lake in the center of the painting, and in the center of this lake stands so naturally, an imaginary pink fountain made of plants and shells of crabs, oysters, and sea urchins. Alper Aydın was touched to see that almost everything occurs around this fountain. He builds a similar one in the center of an antique quarry filled with seawater on Cape Sülü to create a space for conversing and discussing the world's state of mind. By concretizing Bosch’s imaginary fountain design on paper, a faithful adaptation from two dimensions to three, the artist also opens the way for nature, animals, and human beings to perceive the fountain. Produced by upcycling the plastics drifted to the shore with storms, Bosch’s fountain becomes functional.


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