In this piece of art, rocks from nature touched with a statistical thinking.Place that is choosed consciously has an esthtatical view and convenient for statistical research inside it. The each interferes on the place was made with discount and was written with white water-based paint and with a big amount of care for not damaging the rocks.The numbers that was created by humans choosed in the daily life to calculate the human’s value.While the this numbers that was created by human transfered to the amorf things in nature, dialog between nature and human was expected to seen. This situation creates a paradoxical view to the people who go over that beach during their whole life and audience. Again, meaningless things were weighned and named exactly same with the values, it represent the image of people’s inside thinking which is human creates themselves limits to judge the situations and classified them. This is a reaction to public’s meta perception with measuring the natural objects.  


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