With this project, Alper Aydın is trying to grow edible plants with the human breath using the process of absorbing the oxygen that gives life to the body and turning it into carbon dioxide. The breath that emerges from the body in the work is what makes the artist feel his own existence and hence the condition of being human. In this sense, the project takes place as a body image against the human being. In the project, basic vegetables necessary for human life are grown in the bell glasses using air from human breathing and water. Carbon dioxide is given as needed in intervals based on observation, and the room that they are in is 12 hours night and 12 hours day, illuminated with artificial light. The size of the bell glass varies according to the size of the plants. While asking the question of whether he can create nature from his own body through human actions, Aydın tries to create a new nature where he can meet his own needs to replace the nature he has destroyed. 
Commissioned within the scope of SAHA Studio program and produced with the support of SAHA.


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