The constructivist home form is created by the evolution of the two letters in the Turkish word EV (which means both house and home): the first letter, “E,” has been turned aside on its claw, and the letter “V” has been turned upside down to form a roof over the “E.” Transforming a simple graphical symbol with this game of letters into a porous structure, E V makes room for contemplating the concept of home with its borderless form without walls that cannot even provide shade while the light permeates inside. Home—off-guard, restricted, and porous—expands not within the constructed sites but within the limits of the nature surrounding it and the infinitude of human thinking. Therefore home is no longer the building itself but the nature it is in. This red sculpture, built as a metaphor for home/house as well as for its literal meaning, cherishes the hope of reminding the experience of our ancestors, who lived a life in sync with nature before creating permanent settlements, and also being a whole with nature.


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