In the first movie of the Matrix trilogy, the protagonist Neo must choose between red and blue pills. The blue pill will return him to the fictional order in which he has always existed, and the red pill will allow him to see what is happening outside that fictional order. Taking its name from this movie scene, Alper Aydın’s Red Pill (2023), produced for the WE BELONG exhibition, is a sailboat turned upside down. He is ready to set out for all the discoveries his imagination can take, floating in the air on a plane limited neither by land nor by the boundaries of the ocean. It is an invitation to look at the world we live in, our lives, from different perspectives and to make us think about what is real.
In recent months, Alper Aydın, who centered a widely spread and highly acclaimed solo exhibition around Yason Burnu in Ordu, has showcased a similar perspective in his works in that exhibition titled “Fata Morgana.


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