Throughout the history, the enlightenment of the individual has been possible by unveiling of the inner energy. In this work, with an upside-down pyramid hanged in the void, it has been aimed to expose the individual to his own metaphysical existence in a spiritual and intellectual space. By placing the pyramid in a way that enables it to float in the void, it has been endeavoured to form a spiritual and intellectual space through the surface colour and the light of the venue. Since the beginning of the world, humans have tried a number of ways to be closer to God; in the ancient times, gods were believed to live in the mountains, so people settled on the slopes of the mountains. We see pyramids in Egypt and many other places, these pyramids were tried to be built on higher places every single time, because it was thought that the higher the pyramid the closer the people would be to God. In this sense, by turning the pyramid upside down, it was aimed to destroy all these perceptions and a symbol was created to show that the real power could only be found in man himself.  With reference to history, the conscious void of the boundless nature was chosen as the location of this pyramid. Because we need emptiness to get away from superstitions and everything that complicates life. This void itself is the purity.


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