The city of Ordu, where Alper Aydın produces most of his works, has been subject to excessive and sudden rains and floods in recent years due to the emergence of the potent effects of global warming, wrong environmental policies, and unplanned urbanization. Humans and animals lost their lives, many lands and plants along the rivers flowed away, and habitats disappeared. Post-Apocalyptic Narrative derives from an archive of the traces of loss that the artist has composed in Cape Jason, where he also lives, by collecting the objects and remains washed ashore after disasters. With plastic interventions on pieces of trees remaining from the memory of the disaster, the installation aims to develop a new narrative composed of two sculptures. In the first one, a snake that doesn’t know where to go and enwinding the trunk of a tree without roots and branches hanging in the air is depicted. On another collapsed trunk hanging from the ceiling are a man and a wolf in such a setting that whoever moves, the balance will be disturbed inevitably. Loss and destruction crystallize in this installation that refers to the deteriorating dynamics of nature, leaving the audience alone with the last remaining traces of a forest in a post-apocalyptic time.


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